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My parents visited this weekend.

Jared and I realized it’s the first time that either of our parents have come to visit “our” space.

And it.was.awesome.

Topped with more awesome.

With an additional side of awesome.

I digress.  I’m just trying to say we had a really lovely time together.  There.  I said it.  I feel okay to move on.

(but you should know that we had a really awesome time together)

One afternoon we went for a hike at a nearby state park so my ‘rents could get a feel for the local flora and fauna.

Getting a feel for local flora and fauna is an important part of visiting a new place.  I know because this has been my parent’s practice for every vacation as long as I can remember.  That, and visiting museums.  And my father reading every sign in the museum.

And my father taking pictures on vacation.  And my father paparazzing me.

Spell check tells me papparazzing is not a verb.  Silly spell check.  I know it’s a verb because that’s what my father was doing.

You may recall that my mom had emergency surgery on her knee due to a bacterial infection this spring.  Jared and I picked a trail from prior experience, but we forgot about some of the more challenging terrain of the trail.

It was classified as rugged.

However, rugged has nothing on my mom.  She’s work very hard in the last few months to get her knee rehabilitated, and she’s doing great!

My parents came juuuuuust in time to witness Kobuk experience his first seasonal shed.  It was a hairy time and I wasn’t sure if we’d survive.  But I think it’s almost over (and by over, I mean over my floor).

Kicked it.  Boom.

And, bonus!
We didn’t get eat by snakes, as you I was concerned about.  If that’s not a good visit, I don’t know what is.

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