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Swim Coach


If this weren’t the internet, I’d give you a hug.
Everyone needs a hug every now and then, right?
I’m not a super touchy-feely type, but finals are done.  The semester is over.  That’s a cause for celebration.  And hugs.  And lemonade.  And ice cream.  And homemade french fries.
But I’m not giving you any of those things, because this is the internet.
And I digress.
In celebration of sunshine and freedom we picked up a swim coach this afternoon.

A four-legged swim coach.

They didn’t know where they were going, but Lucyand Kobuk were eager.

We borrowed Lucy for the afternoon so that Kobuk could have a swimming mentor.

We took Kobuk for his first swim a couple weeks ago, and while he sort of got the concept, he also jumped into super deep water without realizing what he was doing, and that seemed to freak him out a little (I know!  Exactly what you do not want for a dog’s first swim).  But, he really loves water and so we thought if he could figure out how to swim (you know, actually paddle instead of just splash water in his own face) that’d be a pretty good thing.  So, while Beth finished studying for her last final, we whisked Lucy away so she could show Kobuk where it’s at.

And, so that Lucy could smirk at Kobuk while he shakes his head.
It took a little time, but pretty soon Lucy had him swimming like a dolphin.
I think it was the competition that got him.  We took our gourdo for them to retrieve, and Kobuk just couldn’t handle Lucy getting the toy without him.  Grub’s got a little competition coursing through him.

He would wait for Lucy to pass him, then jump off the boat launch.  (Jared wants you to know that he isn’t pushing Kobuk off, he’s throwing the gourdo).

Kobuk couldn’t swim as fast as Lucy, so when he caught up with her, he latched on to the toy.
Lucy is quite patient.

She rarely got out of the water.

And she’s a great swim coach.

Please, oh please throw the toy Jared, please throw the toy!

It was a great way to celebrate the coming summer!

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