{Puppy Grub}

the end is near…

I’ve realized by various communication with family members that no one has an accurate picture of what is happening in our lives.

This is understandable, since it feels like we’ve fallen off the grid.

i’m the naughty kid that doesn’t share with her friends.  despite their persistence.

So, without further ado, here are our plans for the summer months:

Take finals.  Jared and I both have one final left, next week.  On our anniversary.  {we’ll be celebrating our anniversary in june}

May 14-25 I am taking a three credit, two week course.  Jared’s also taking a three credit course, but he’ll be taking a paddling course (i.e. canoeing) from the 14th-20th.

May 15th I finish working for my current professor/supervisor.  May 16th I begin working a 6-week assistantship contract with a new supervisor/professor.

May 28-June 8, I will be taking another two week, three credit course.

In June, Jared will begin working for the forest service for the summer full-time.  I will finish my assistantship at the end of June.  {yes, this does mean that I’m not really going to feel the closure of a break until the end of june.  but i’m super excited to work for this prof. during june.}

Classes begin on August 20th, and we’ll be back at it!

This concludes the public service announcement.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcasting.

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