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Hi there.

I’m trying to not completely abandon the blog before the end of the semester.  I have my last final on May 8th (um, yes, that is our anniversary.  I have decided to celebrate my love with Jared by taking my cumulative anatomy and physiology final.  it’s just the kind of wife I am) and then I promise I’ll be around more.

This too shall pass.

In the meantime, I plan to placate you with pictures of Grub.  It’s my go-to move.

Let’s hope you don’t think he’s ugly.

He’s an excellent thesis helper.  He offers great proofreading and content analysis services.  He only charges $30 an hour and is hirable immediately.  Space is limited, contact asap for an appointment.

He’s also a trail master.

His hiking services are available too, though he will require a personal snack sherpa.  He likes regular and sweet potatoes, dried or fresh.  And popcorn (um, sometimes I spill).

Water makes him giddy.  And cautious.  And giddy.

It’s a very confusing time for all of us.

{Man, I really hope my tone conveys to this internet house.  My world wide web doormat today reads: “quirky.  enter at your own risk.  and wipe your shoes.”  also, yes, I did just say world wide web.}

And now, if you’ve wondered why you don’t see our faces more…

I feel like that’s self-explanatory.

We don’t have classes on Monday, so we’re buckled down to our computers crankin’ out the pages (um, the thesis picture is not staged.  that’s fo’ real).

Happy Monday!


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