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on my father and puppies

Whoah is me.

This morning I was working on a video of Kobuk, and I found a different video of Kobuk that I have never shared with the world.

It’s a good one, folks.   I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to share.  I shot it when Jared and I went to visit my ‘rents.  Mainly, it features my father.  And Kobuk.  And the ridiculousness that sweeps over my father in the presence of puppies.

Puppies are my father’s silly kryptonite.  They make him go weak in the knees.  Goofy in the voice.  They bring out all the best parts of his humor that he works so hard to keep socially in check on a daily basis.  Puppies turn him to jelly.  If you know my father, this may be the funniest thing you’ve seen all day.

If you don’t know him… well… that’s not the voice he would use when he shakes your hand.   Unless, of course, you’re a puppy.

Disclaimer: this is not an actor.  This really happened… multiple times, but I only caught it once on video.

… even this video isn’t about me at all, I feel like this explains a lot about me and my childhood….

Happy day of rest, everyone!


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