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our trip to da mountains…

Well, howdy!
How’s it going folks?
Our trip to Estes Park and the Wilderness Education Associations International Conference on Outdoor Leadership was muy excellente.
Jared and I spoke during the student presentation block, and it was just peachy.  Our presentation was at the beginning of the conference so we were able to to soak up all that it had to offer.  Mostly, the presentations were good.  Yup, just good.
But, what was excellent was the interaction that we were able to have with professionals in our field.  In many ways, our weekend was an answer to prayer, as there were several people that were willing to invest in us and let us pick their brains about the outdoors and faith.  It was fantastic.
We spent practically the entire weekend inside, sadly.  These are the only two pictures I took outside the entire weekend.
I think that fireplace is awesome.
Surprisingly, Jared and I both feel energized and refreshed after our time away.  I was expecting to feel overwhelmed and stressed so I’m grateful for the unexpected.
Here’s to a Sabbath tomorrow and sweet potato fries for supper tonight!

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