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Gearin’ up!


Our mental compasses are pointing towards Colorado… we’re headed out Saturday morning (lit-ra-lee before the butt crack of dawn) which means we have tomorrow to: pack laundry homework take Kobuk to the sitters clean the house make snacks and most importantly FIGURE OUT WHAT TO WEAR.
Yes, that’s right.
I know, I know what you’re thinking.
It’s a professional conference and we’re speaking so of course you’re thinking business formal.  Oh hey, business formal is great.
But here’s the thing.
This is a professional conference of, to put it crudely, outdoorsy folks.  Even a professional wilderness executive likes the cargo pants and down vest.
This how outdoorsy folks like to roll:
Please tell me you see what I see…
Sunburnt, scruffy, lounging, relaxed, and casual folk.  Function over pretty form.  Outdoorsy folk are their own breed.  They’re even different from your traditional-summer-camp folk (trust me, I know).
My ultimate dilemma is how I attempt to look outdoorsy AND professional, the perfect blend that says, “that woman’s spent time in the backcountry” mixed with “that lady has her stuff together”.
The marmot approved of this one:
No matter what I settle on, it’s on tomorrow’s list to figure out…

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