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Dear Life

Dear Life,

1.  Today, I ate a monster pancake for breakfast.  I would have eaten one for supper too, but we were out of syrup.  Way to be awesome, eggs, milk, and flour!

2.  My mother and sister Deborah have never seen the movie UP.   I consider this to be one of my family’s greatest tragedies (p.s. you should watch this trailer–it has some of the best moments from the movie)!

3. Jared, when you let me study while we’re on road trips I really like you.  When you let me tell you about epithelial tissues and don’t laugh at me when I tell you how interesting they are and how the different cells function, I really, really like you.  Thanks for not making fun of me being a capital Nerd.

4.  My personal reason number 13 for currently thinking puppies are better than babies: they put themselves to bed.  When Kobuk’s sleepy and knows it’s time to turn in for the night, he just walks into his crate and curls up.  No lullabies, no crying, no onesies.  Boom.

5.  Oh, don’t fret, Lord-willin’ and the creek-don’t-rise, we’ll have children.  Maybe our own.  Maybe adoption.  But, Someday.  Just, not today.  Or tomorrow.  Or the day after tomorrow.  Someday.

6.  This past weekend we were in Michigan, visiting my family.  It was lovely beyond lovely.  I think they’re the bees knees.  The cats pajamas.

6b.  Have you ever seen a cat wearing pajamas?

7.  Next weekend we’ll be in Colorado, speaking as student presenters at the Wilderness Education Association’s International Conference on Outdoor Leadership.

8.  I’m a little nervous.

9.  I’m pretty excited.  I’ve never been to Estes Park.  And I love mountains.

10.  I’m overwhelmed by what has to happen before we leave on Saturday, but you’ll just find me eating the elephant one bite at a time.  That’s the best way for all elephants, or animals, of enormous size to be eaten.  (when I picture myself eating an elephant it is with a spoon.  the elephant is blue and has the texture of pudding.  and tastes like chocolate.)

11.  Recent studies have shown that dark chocolate must be consumed twice a week in order for it’s consumption to actually benefit your body.  I’m just going to go help myself be healthier now…

What’s your favorite metaphor for taking on an overwhelming task/load that makes it easier for you to make it through?  C’mon, spill it.  I wanna know!


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