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Snow King

We’re having a lovely time with my family!

Michigan brought a little snow yesterday, and it continued through the night.

Someone was delighted to find several deep drifts this morning…

{please, notice how he gets progressively snowier…}


I am the Snow King.  Bow to me.

I’m certain that if Kobuk could lodge a formal request, he would be submitting a petition that we move to a colder climate. Tomorrow.

My mom is making steady progress–please keep praying for her recovery!


One thought on “Snow King

  1. I followed a thread to your blog b/c of your dyi bed (very nice…I want to make one for my son and his girlfriend). THEN, I found your pictures of your puppy….oh my…he is so very cute. Currently, my husband and I have 2 dachshunds–ages 5 & 10 (down from 4…our oldest 2 passed away in 2010) and one 5 yr old lab/pyrenes mix granddog–my son's– and one 9 yr old cocker spaniel/poodle/whoknowswhatelse mix granddog–daughter's. Now, I think I needs a puppy…


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