my love for analogies

Sometimes, I like to come up with unsanctioned {scientific} analogies.

Like in my anatomy and physiology class:

I like to think of a basic human cell like a Star Wars battleship.
a) I’m a nerd
b) I think clearly in analogies
c) I reaaaaaaaally like Star Wars

There.  I said it.

I hope we can still be friends.

For the record, Darth Vader is a destructive, unwelcome bacteria.  Gotta kill those off…  Why yes, this does make the Republic like white blood cells, I’m glad you caught that…


2 thoughts on “my love for analogies

  1. excellent way to remember!!! and yes, I like Star Wars too, having seen the originals on the big screen…yes, i am that old!!anniemysandycat@aol.comp.s. still thinking of and praying for your mother


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