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An Update

‘Sup, homeslices?

Okay, I’ll stop.

Today I’m studying my corneas out in the subject of anatomy and physiology.  I have an exam in the morning and fear is running rampant among my classmates about the difficulty of the exam.

I refuse to panic.  Panic shall not have me, I shall evade it!

Anyway, I wanted to give you an update on mi madre (she says hello, p.s.).  She’s doing rather well, considering last week’s events!  She was discharged from the hospital on Saturday afternoon, so she’s home.  She’ll be on antibiotics for another six weeks and is attacking some painful physical therapy to get her knee back in tip-top shape.  She’s doing well and is grateful for your support and prayers!

Jared and I are driving up for the weekend on Thursday, just so we can get underfoot be helpful (yay, four day weekends!).  It’s only an eight hour drive (though we’ve totally made it in seven) so it won’t be rough at all.  Jared has repeatedly told me this week that if we can’t drop work and classes for a few days to support our family, we probably shouldn’t have a life.  I believe his exact words were, “if you can’t drop your life, you shouldn’t have one”.  You heard it here first, folks.
Deborah’s going to fly in for the weekend too, so it’s pretty much going to be a party.
Here’s to celebrating my mom, God’s goodness, Kobuk’s first road trip and the family getting to meet him while he’s still a mini!

Grub’s paws, 11 weeks old (a week and a half ago)

Please keep praying for my momma!  We appreciate your support mucho!!


3 thoughts on “An Update

  1. ya know on shows like 'saved by the bell' when someone reads a letter and you hear the voice of the author… well that is what i do with your letters to us. I'll always wanted to be apart of such an experience 🙂


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