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…a request…

Hey Folks!

I don’t normally post between Tuesday and Thursday this semester because these days are very full for us.  But, I have good reason to tonight.

Especially if you believe in prayer.

And Jesus.

And Life.

And Support.

And Community.

And, you know, the Bible.

I’m not trying to be abrasive, I’m just telling it like it is (okay, I’m also quite tired, so expect typos and whole words missing, too).

Anyway, that leads me to my request, mmmkay?

My mom had surgery tonight on one of her knees.  As of 48 hours ago, this was unplanned.  It’s been a long 48 hours (I say that, but I haven’t even been in the hospital).  The short story is that my mom has been infected with some grody bacteria (I don’t remember the name.  It’s long.  And complicated).  The bacteria has gotten into her blood, then attacked the weakest part of her body which is one of her knees.  She’s been doing tons of exercises in the last few months to build that knee back up, but that was still the weakest part of her body.

My mom had surgery to remove the bacteria and fluid around the knee.  They also repaired her torn meniscus.  She is on antibiotics to squash that bacteria and will remain in the hospital so they can monitor her knee too.

My mother is an incredibly strong, tenacious woman.  But, she’s also very gracious and others-focused.  If you know her, you probably wouldn’t list strong as one of her first characteristics because you’d be gushing about her generous spirit, her way with kids, her kindness to others, her true-leadership-servant-heart.  And hey, you’d be right.  But she’s a tough cookie.  She has strength, both from her character and from Christ.  So, when I tell you she’s been in pain for the last two days, trust me, she’s been in pain.  Let’s just say we’re all eager for those antibiotics to start kicking butt and taking names so she gets some relief.

All of this to say… pray for continue healing, mmkay?  From what I understand, things could have gotten a lot worse.  God is good.  My mom should be able to put weight on her knee tomorrow and get back to walking soon.  Please pray for continue healing and for patience as she heals.  Personally, I like to go-big or go-home when I’m praying so I’m asking that her knee will be even better than before.

And hey, while you’re at it, thank Jesus for his mercy.  And his care.  And his generosity.  Jared and I are a solid seven hour drive my parents, but they’ve been surrounded by our fabulous family and many faithful friends (extra props to Ruth, whom I berate regularly via text and phone).

A difficult situation doesn’t get a lot better than this.

Go hug someone you love tonight.  I think my mom would encourage it.


3 thoughts on “…a request…

  1. you have my prayers. and supports. and healing thoughts. been there with the infection. big name! she sounds like a tough cookie, she'll be walking, and outta there soon!!anniemysandycat@aol.com


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