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It’s Monday!

About 48 hours ago, Kobuk swallowed a long strand of rawhide.  If you know anything about rawhide, you know that dogs shouldn’t really swallow rawhide because it can expand in their intestines and cause intestinal blockage and death.
He likes to cause shenanigans.
Anyway, this would explain why I was up at 2:30 am last night to make sure that he’s still poopin’ like a healthy little grub.
Don’t worry, he is.
Anyway, while I was trying to fall back asleep last night I was writing the wittyest blog post for you.  It was brilliant. Phenomenal.
I don’t remember it this morning.
Does it count that I was thinking of you at 2:30am?
Naturally, that makes my thoughts today seem inferior to my early morning thoughts, but here they are anyway.
We’ll all just have to live with knowing that my mind is a hilarious structure in the middle of the night…
Anyway, this morning, we went to fulfill a homework assignment for Jared.

Kobuk was assisting in the homework process.

Also, in case you didn’t know, sharing is caring…

Also, sharing is really funny when you’re squirting water in your dog’s face.

For the record, I didn’t actually let him suck on the mouthpiece.  It’s just the angle.  Have no fear.

Homework accomplished!!

Jared is in a trail building class and needed to document strengths/weaknesses of a local trail.

Now, not all of our homework is this awesome (nor does our life revolve around our dog, despite how it appears here).  We wanted get Jared’s hike in early today so that Kobuk would sleep for the rest of the afternoon while we did the “traditional” homework.

Involving to-do lists.

And text books.

Gotta love me some Monday’s…

…what are you doing on this fine Monday?


One thought on “It’s Monday!

  1. Work, take walk with Mr. B, make supper (including extras for the boyfriend for when he gets home from class), watch Social Network while the pup chews and I look for an article to write a review on for class, wait for Hannah and Alyssa to come over to watch Bachelor. Miss you.


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