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my brain on a Sunday afternoon

1.  My new mantras are “think before you bite” and “make good choices”.  So glad Kobuk’s added those to my repertoire.

1b.  Yes, I do know he doesn’t understand either of those.  Thanks for pointing that out (according to puppies for dummies, puppies don’t actually understand the word “no” until they’re four months old.  i am undeterred).

2.  I love this time of year.  I’m not totally digging the weather right now (it’s like a perpetual spring in Carbondale, moodier than a woman) but something about January and February makes me want to be outside all the time.  I love wanting to be outside.

3.  I really like our church.  We’ve been blessed each place we’ve lived to get connected to genuine, living parts of the Body.  Can’t beat that.

4.  Jared and I compared notes with our small group leader, and our puppy and their 16 month old baby-man are going through the same toddler phases.  Awesome.

5. I think my grub will beat their grub in potty training, since he’s pretty much already there.

6.  Jared’s birthday is this week.  Since we’ll be busy on his actual birthday, we’ll be having a birthday-weekend-extravaganza.  I shall celebrate by baking.

7.  I’m going to need more butter.

8.  You should probably come over so we don’t eat all this food ourselves.

9.  Speaking of food, Aldi was clearancing out their Christmas hams and I bought two.  TWO hams.  For only TWO people.  First world problems.

9a.  Spell check tells me “clearancing” isn’t a real word.  Spell check has never met the Dutch, have they?

10.  You should probably come over so we don’t eat all this food ourselves.

11.  We’re gonna have to take Kobuk on more hikes (see previous statements about food).

12.  I really love my life.  I really hope you love yours.

13.  There is something a little wonky happening with our smoke detector.  I set if off cooking several times a week, even though there isn’t any smoke billowing from my oven.

14.  I’m a little ashamed of the previous statement, but I’m trying hard not to be.

15.  I’m really hoping this semester doesn’t swallow me in it’s big, scaly, homework arms.  I’ll let you know if I need a life ring.

16.  I want you to know I just made a batch of ugly muffins.  This blog’s title still works, just in case you were doubting.

17.  Jared needs practice taking self-portraits while hiking.

18.  I haven’t written our immediate family Christmas thank-you cards.  If I email them photographs of how the gifts are being used, is that an acceptable substitute?

19.  I miss our grandparents.  I think we should probably go visit all of them.

20.  I’ll be in the truck.


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