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a losing battle

I’m really trying not to inundate this place with pictures of Kobuk.

But honestly, I may as well just give it up for a lost cause.

I’m pa-thetic.  

And Kobuk is cute.

I’m fighting a losing battle. 

I should just surrender.  

No!  I will not!

I will focus!

Today, I’m basking in the knowledge that our fist week of class is done.  We only have classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, which gives us a four day weekend every week.  We can’t complain, but those three days are packed.

Tuesday, I was offered an increase in my assistantship.  Due to some situations with others students, we were aware the possibility might occur where I would be able to double my hours/double my stipend.  When we left for Christmas break, we were under the impression that wouldn’t happen and were content with that.  Halfway through Tuesday, I was offered the increase and chose to accept it.  

Lest you think I’m now going to work a crazy number of hours, I’m still only working 20 hours a week.  I’m now working with both of the therapeutic recreation professors and a couple of their classes.  I think it will be a  really good experience, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to gain more academic learning–both from the classes and helping facilitate classes.

This semester, Jared and I have one class together.  By the end of this class, Jared and I should each have three out five chapters of our thesis drafted.  I also have a class where I will be creating a hypothetical program and business plan (I get to be partners with Beth on this one!  Wahooo!!!!) and I’m excited about that as it seems very applicable to what we hope to do in the future.

All of this to say… Tuesday-Thursday is full for Jared and me.  But, we’re really looking forward to the classes we have this semester.  While last semester was fine, we both feel like we’re going to be gaining some really practical knowledge and experience this semester (p.s. Jared is teaching a class with another student.  But they’re like, going hiking and stuff so please don’t pity him).  (P.p.s. I’m taking anatomy and physiology this semester and we have requirements to color in a gigantic coloring book.  I’m so bummed:).

So, that’s my school update.  I’m sure we’ll keep you apprised along the way.  

I anticipate there were will be lots of little projects this semester, to keep both of us sane.  On my last day of freedom, I sewed this pillow.  I had a white pillow on this chair, but it was a little too bland (I already had the fabric from a table cloth I got a garage sale for a couple bucks).  I used a rubber stamp from our wedding invitations and some fabric paint to make the fabric a little more exciting.

Kobuk was a trooper this week, as we left him alone for longer stretches than he’s experienced before.  

To reward him last night (and okay, I just wanted to), I sewed this unstuffed-plush raccoon from scraps I had hanging around.  I’m hoping this will discourage him from running off with the clothes I leave on the bathroom floor (it’s like he doesn’t think I should do that anymore).

Happy Friday, everyone!

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