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I’m Pretty Terrible with Titles

There’s so much competition in our world.

So much comparison.

I know my automatic thought process is competition and comparison (in fact, one of our professors would not tell Jared or I our final percentage in the class because he didn’t want to fuel our competition. Apparently he didn’t pick up that we’d been joking {really} about that all semester.  Woops).  I like to compare myself to others, especially if I think I come out on top.

When I don’t, I get discouraged and believe all sorts of lies (I almost wrote that aren’t true, but since it’s a lie it’s obviously not true.  Ha!  Captain Obvious strikes again!). Comparison always breed discontentment.

I’ve been reflecting on this and the last semester since we came back from vacation.  Jared and I have talked about a few things we want to do differently, and attitudes that we need to maintain this semester that we botched could have done better last semester.

We’re excited to start and I’m Trusting that we’ll remember we’ve been Called to Southern Illinois for this season.  We feel the challenge to be present.

Jared and I had this conversation around a fire a couple nights ago.  We had gotten some snow in the last couple days, but most of it had burned off during that day.

With a wool blanket and fire, I was toasty. (If you look super carefully in some of these photos you can see a tiny little blonde blob in the trees.  That’s Kobuk, eating sticks like his life depended on it.)

All of this to say: I’m really grateful for this life we’ve been given.  I’m grateful to be living it with someone that challenges and supports me, and keeps my feet warm on his calves every. night.

The older I get (classic statement, right?) the more I’m convinced that we each have something beautifully unique about our stories.  Our lives.  I guess I say “the older I get” because I didn’t really believe that when I was younger and that’s pretty pathetic.  I hope your story compels you to gratitude, and that you can see that today, no matter if it is overcast and gray or sunny and perky.  Whether or not you can have a puppy right now or campfires in January.

On this day of rest, I pray you are grateful too.  I pray you show it.

2 thoughts on “I’m Pretty Terrible with Titles

  1. Love it! I was/still am a bit a chronic compare-er… but lately I find myself saying to Kenny, "I have the BEST LIFE!" or "We have the BEST LIFE!" or something of that nature. It's probably for the best that I'm not in school right now, as that's usually when my inner comparemonster comes out most… 🙂


  2. Thanks Mary! I love this blog post also! I am also terrible at comparing my life with others, AND being discontent with where I am in life right now too. But Thank you so much! I love it. Thanks!


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