{Puppy Grub}

Our Floor

I’ve been trying desperately not to inundate the blog with pictures of Kobuk.

This is challenging for me for several reasons: a) he’s super cute. everyday. b) he frustrates me and teaches me something. everyday. c) school/work don’t start until Tuesday so I’ve been slothing around our house like it’s my job (though I did finally finish the laundry, thanks for asking).  d) after being on the road visiting our families for the last three and a half weeks, it feels so good to sloth around our house.  I’m practically a professional at it.  Mary McDaniel, Professional Slother


Did you know there are studies that show people with pets are healthier than people without pets?  Deborah and I like to talk about this frequently.  We like pets.  They’re good for our health, afterall!

Literally, ten seconds ago, Kobuk had shoved his entire head inside my cowboy boot.  How can you say no to that kind of little grub cuteness?

I will tell you how.  Exhibit A, our rug:

While Kobuk hasn’t started shedding like an adult dog yet, he makes our floor crazy messy.  I took this photo about twenty minutes ago.  You can see some fuzzies, some chunks of bark, and some dead grass.

I vacuumed that rug yesterday morning.  I vacuumed it the day before that.  Once in the last week I waited not two, but three whole days in between vacuuming and our rug was sick.   So, apparently I’ll be vacuuming everyday for the rest of Kobuk’s life.

But then again… I shall not complain (too loud).  I mean, I do get to live with this face…

Hi!  My name is Kobuk and I LOVE to chew on pinecones!
They’re delicious and you should probably go try one RIGHT NOW!
Or you should take a nap…

Sorry grub, we’re off to the vet for your 9 week-old shots, napping will have to wait… … if I can wake you up to get you in the truck…

2 thoughts on “Our Floor

  1. Beacon loves pinecones, too. Particularly the ones that I had displayed as Christmas decorations around the house. Awesome. That picture of Kobuk under the book shelf elicited a significant enough "Ahhhhh" that Rob just called from the kitchen: "Are you ok in there?" So cute.


  2. Your cute pet fits that carpet perfectly! It can take a nap there comfortably, but it seems like your Kobuk prefers lying on hardwood flooring. Maybe it feels cooler that way. =) Vacuuming that carpet everyday is also a form of exercise, isn’t it? Now that’s good for you and your pet dog!Kathy Carbone


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