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A List

1a.  These are the things that are running through my mind while I vacuum and sort laundry today:

1b.  I love cleaning my closet.  Getting rid of clothes that I like in theory but never actually wear out of my house makes me giddy.  

2.  Grandma Goose not only gave me a new pair of slippers for Christmas, but also a super cute shirt.  I followed this up with a trip to a clothing store where I purchase 6 shirts for 13 dollars.  This pleased me immensely (and also makes 1b. that much more awesome).

3.  Jared and I were given really awesome Christmas gifts this year.  They were pretty much all stupendous.  Nicely done, fam!  Three cheers for you!

4.  I think I freaked out some of Jared’s parent’s friends (twice removed, on the great uncle’s side.  Just kidding) when they delivered a wedding gift from the woman’s mom (whatsup, Amy? I think you’re cool, even though we’ve only met twice).  It was a beauuuuuuuuuuuutfiul DeWalt sander, and I just wanted to cuddle with it all night long.  

5.  I didn’t.  I pretended to be a normal human being.

6.  You understand how hard this was for me.

7.  I get to see Beth today.  I haven’t seen her for weeks.  I am excited to hug her guts.

8.   A wise sage (wise sage, if you’re reading this, please chuckle that that is what I am calling you, as I mean it with grave respect) once told me that raising kids, training horses, and training dogs all deal with the same principles (yes, he does have all three and thus is qualified to make such a statement).  Consistency, clear boundaries, and communication, among other qualities, are pivotal.  So far, it’s been easier for Jared to have clear boundaries with Kobuk.  Sometimes I just throw boundaries to the wind in the face of his cuteness and let him do all the things he’s not supposed to.  Please, suspend your surprise that I cave more quickly to my emotions than Jared.

9.  I need to finish sorting laundry.  

10.  I have mended from my sickness, it only required that I sleep for two long nights and six hours during the day.  I cannot remember the last time I slept six hours during the day and fell asleep by 9pm. Perhaps when I had pneumonia in high school?  

11.  In high school, my dad and I both got pneumonia in the same week.  I think that was probably a very long week for my mother.  She’s a trooper.

12.  Kobuk really likes to sleep next to/on his feeder.  He likes to be on his dog bed when he’s awake.  
I love that he loves irony.

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