{Puppy Grub}

Kobuk, Day 2

So, let’s talk about puppies.
We could talk about how difficult it is to photograph puppies.
My photos are turning out a lot like this:
Puppies move a lot.
Kobuk is no exception.
Unless, of course, he’s sitting still looks mischievous.  If he’s not moving, he’s either looking cute or mischievous, or a combination of both.

We could also talk about how he likes to eat leaves.
Crunchy and delicious.
Or, we could talk about the huge 8-week man-puppy paws…
Or, we could talk about how Kobuk is incredibly cute while playing.  Case in point (please, laugh at the commentary in this video.  I cannot have the video running without saying stupid things).
Also, we maybe should named Kobuk “Doug” since he frequently looks like Doug from Up.  Crazy little puppy grub…

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