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Christmas Makings

Before Christmas, I murmured a few words about making Christmas gifts.  
I’ll be the first to admit–we’ve been big ole slackers in the last few years for giving gifts, especially for Jared’s family.  
Our issue wasn’t a lack of desire to give good gifts, but rather a lack of funds.  That didn’t really change this Christmas, except that we decided to make almost all of gifts which enabled us to give better gifts (we bought two photo calendars for each set of parents, a dog collar for Jared’s bros, a first aid kit, pocket knife, and water glasses.  The rest of the gifts were handmade).  It was really fun not to be a complete slacker and try to convey our appreciation for our family.
When I went to my photos to write this post, I thought I had grabbed photos of everything we’ve made, but when I started looking I realized my photos were scant.
But here’s what I have…
I packaged up and sent out several marski designs gift orders right before we left… 

This pillow went to my sister, Ruth.  I made the pillow case and designed the fabric to look like notebook paper (and also stalked her facebook page to find a quote she liked).

This apron went to Jared’s sister, Laura. I didn’t have a tutorial or pattern for this one, I just attempted to make it look like the original from anthro.

There were a lot of ruffles involved.  I love ruffles.  

If you know me well, you might be wondering if I’m kidding.  I kid not.  I love ruffles.

I also made a smaller version for Mary, Jared’s other younger sister.

Ruth and Deborah each got two infinity scarves–one with the buff silk and one with the lace.  

The black went to Ruth and the green went to Deborah.
Jared made this rug for his brothers (actually, it’s for their dog).  I was pretty busy wrapping up some of these projects right before we left, so he rocked knotting this project into a fuzzy rug.


Not pictured:

Sweet orange body lotion, sweet orange body scrub, sweet orange chapstick, and peppermint chapstick.
Pillow cases.  Made from the same material as our curtains, which came from vintage table clothes that Grandma Goose helped me find.
Fleece socks for mi Padre.
I also made one of these daily calendar/journals for Jared’s mom, because she already journals daily events and I thought she might like to try one of these.  

I think that’s it…

It was ridiculously fun to make gifts for people this year… I’ve already started brainstorming ideas for next year, and for Jared birthday which is sneaking up at the end of January.

…Word on the street is that Deborah and Jared and I will be ringing in the next year tonight playing legos.  It’s going to be awesome…


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