Junk Mail

Since Jared and I live in one place now, one of the many adjustments has been mail.

Yup, plain old snail mail.
For about the last year, we’ve been listing my parent’s address as our permanent address.  This was wonderful for two reasons: a) I would randomly and unexpectedly get to talk to my mom and b) my mom sorted our mail for us (if you’re thinking “golly gee, that Sandy lady really is incredibly giving and patient”, then you are correct).
Now, I must sort my own junk mail (though I suspect that my mom still gets some of our junk).
I often send junk mail straight to the pit-of-no-return, but every once and a while some junk mail happens through my mail box that really cracks me up.
Like this little gem:

This piece makes me chuckle (and jiggle my belly like a bowl full of jelly, of course).  First, I’ve never heard of the National Association of Professional Women and no absolutely nothing about them (and therefore have no opinions or stance about them, don’t be silly).  Apparently I’ve made it on some sort of list that they own.  And, since I am attempting to be a professional women (though it probably doesn’t sound like it on this blog most of the time.  I will not apologize for this) the whole thing made me chuckle.

Also, I really appreciate that my 2011 membership has been confirmed.  It’s December 15, 2011.  This is a really valuable thing for me, since there are 16 days left in this year.  Thanks, NAPW.
All of this to say… one of the things that you notice when you claim place is random junk that magically gets delivered to your mailbox.
What’s interesting junk mail have you gotten recently?  Spill your deepest darkest junk mail secrets.

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