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A list

1.  We’re done with the semester.  YESSSSS!!!  We completed our assignments with a mandatory pizza party tonight.  Win.

1b.  Sorry I haven’t been around much, I’ve been doing the finals thing.

2.  We’re makin’ makin’ makin’ makin’ Christmas gifts.  Like crazy-crazies (fabric fuzzies cover our couch).
3.  Too bad I can’t show them to you (the gifts or the fuzzies).
4.  We’re headed out Friday morning (I think…) and we’re cleaning and packing and working and makin’. I’m a little panicky that we’re not going to quite make it, but I’m pretty sure we are.
5.  This cool girl named Beth proposed her thesis project this week (step one of kicking butt at your thesis).  She may have brought her professors into the tree to hear about her good work.  Yes, she is awesome.
And pretty.
6.  Remember how I was talking about how we decorated for Christmas?  I just took all our Christmas decor down.  It was up for… one week?  Two weeks?  I don’t like returning to Christmas decorations in January.
7.  These are my post-finals Christmas break mug shots.
That’s my cleaning hat.  I’m cleaning and I’m wearing that hat and so it’s my cleaning hat.
8.  Jared and I have a VERY exciting announcement after Christmas.  Don’t ask me to tell you, and please don’t guess because I’m absolutely awful at keeping secrets.  I don’t think Jared has ever opened a gift from me and not known what it was.  Not this year.  This year I’m keeping it underwraps (both metaphorically and literally).  Just smile, guess to yourself, and think, “Why golly gee, I’m so excited to find out what they’re big announcement is.  I wonder what it is?”
This request counts even if I see you in person over Christmas break.

Got that?  Okay, thanks.

9.  My hat and I have more work to do.

10.  Peace out.


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