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Today’s Rambling Fueled by Coffee and Cheerios

In case you missed it, I wasn’t trying to be snarky when I said I was trying to express my philosophy of leisure.  I was doing legitimate homework.  


Every once and a while, classes provide options for assignments.  If there is a creative option, I almost always always take it.  It’s good for my health.  Monday night I’ll be explaining to my class how this painting expresses my philosophy of leisure.  For. Real.

Jared and I trimmed our “tree” a few nights ago (our three little fake trees that we’ve had up in our living space year round because I like them so much, ever since they were given to us for our wedding.  Thanks, Momma McD).  Someday we’ll get a real tree… but as has been the pattern for the last many Christmas’ we’ll be on the road from the time school gets out until after new years so there really isn’t a point in getting a real tree.   

 All of our Christmas decorations fit in this box… a nativity scene and childhood ornaments.  


In other news, we are two take-home finals, one presentation, and a pizza party away from completing our first semester.  So. close.

Today, Jared’s building a little something something for our office, and I’m working on Christmas gifts.  I’m sewing a bagizillion gifts, and I would really love to show them to you because they’re super cool… but that would sort of ruin the surprise for my family recipients.  Maybe I’ll herd them all together before I wrap them, grab a picture, and tell you about them after Christmas, eh?

Also, y’all crack me up.
As you may or may not know, I can see how many times a certain post has been viewed.  Ironically, pictures of me making a fool of myself are very popular.  Don’t think that I don’t know that you like to see me look silly, because I do know.  I am on to you. 

I just wanted you to know that I know.


One thought on “Today’s Rambling Fueled by Coffee and Cheerios

  1. YES! please show us the stuff you are sewing…take a pic and put it on after they have all gone to their new homes. p.s. given any thought to selling your homemade soap, shampoo, etc. on etsy???


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