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I mentioned in my last post that Deborah brought beads from NYC for marski designs.  

She did a fantastic job picking out beads for me (which is impressive, because our styles do not match up perfectly and I’m sorta picky)!  I started a few new designs right away because I couldn’t help myself…  Hi, my name is Mary, and I’m a compulsive creator. 

I was going to have Jared take some more modeling pictures yesterday, but it was rainy.  Today has been crisp and sunny, but Jared’s working in Nashville all day.

What is a woman to do in these desperate weather and schedule times?

Take really, really awkward self-portraits with the tripod and timer, of course!

I hope you needed a laugh today, because these crack. me. up.  

Out-of-focus.  About half of my pictures ended up out of focus.
People are better than machines.
Maybe if I wave my arms in front of myself like this…
The sun is bright.
Why is the sun SO bright?
Sun!  Please, stop hurting my eyeballs!!!!!

And now… for my personal favorite…

…caught this one while trying to readjust my hair….
… you know, sometimes I just like to break out into song and dance.
Here’s to having a sense of humor!
Happy Wednesday, everyone!
{P.s. if awkward modeling makes you want to buy jewelry, you can check out marksi designs here.  I try to make it a lot less awkward over there…}

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