The last week was sort of crazy, as anticipated.  But, we’re here, on the other side.

When we walked out of church tonight I was hoping it was 8:30 so I could justify going to bed.  Tragically, it wasn’t past seven.

This week was the busiest so far of the semester, which taxed my brain a little more than normal (expect typos in this post.  I’m not sorry).

For example:

For several hours I was convinced my middle name starts with an M.  This is in fact, not true.  It starts with an L.  It took me hours to figure out why I couldn’t log into the mandatory online ethics training.
The really sad part?  Jared didn’t notice it either.
I dreamt of puppies.  Again.
I got the flu Wednesday so I stayed home from school Thursday.  Mary-Limp-Noodle-McDaniel.

Jared and I attended and presented at an adventure recreation conference this weekend.  The conference was planned by students for students, and was the first of hopefully many more.  I believe (I could be wrong) that there were 14 different school represented.  It was a great opportunity to meet lots of students that love outdoor recreation.  The keynote speaker guides expeditions to the North and South poles (I shook his hand!  Yes!).  So, it was pretty spectacular, but we’re both exhausted.

This morning, I grabbed some pictures of the camp that hosted the retreat.

We attempted pictures of ourselves.  I blame the wind for self-portrait failure (and Jared’s eyelids).

This is Beth.  She’s the coolest.  Ever.  I still blame the wind for my hair.  I’m over it.

Oh man, I was hoping it was almost 8:30.  50 more minutes to go…

5 thoughts on “Recap

  1. Either you're REALLY tired or something's up with this post…you keep referencing the fact that it's Sunday and almost 8:30pm, when in fact your post says it's November 8 at 2:04pm. On another note, boo for being sick. Hope you're feeling better and that this week is much slower!


  2. Omg! I just randomly came across this blog. This camp that you were at is where I am from. And I know this Beth girl very well that is in your picture. Im glad you had a good time here.


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