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Being and Chalkboards

When I started writing this post, I was going to talk about how busy my week is going to be, and how toxic it feels to busy after working on being.  
But I got sick of hearing myself blab, so I’m shutting up.  

Jared hung a chalkboard in our office this afternoon.  The board came from an old white board/chalkboard that my mom didn’t have use for anymore (p.s. Mom, did that board come from that easel I had as a kid?  I remember that it was double sided and it reminded me of that.  Just curious).  I repainted the chalk side in chalkboard paint. 

Jared created a frame for it from our heap of pallets (turns out that was tricky since it wasn’t square).  I sanded it and sealed it.
Now, it’s hanging out in our office space… we’re pleased with how it’s coming along!

 If you don’t hear much from us over the next week, have no fear.  We’re just in the throws of papers, projects, and a conference this weekend.  

But, we’ll be back…  (say that with your best Schwarzenegger impression, I dare you)


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