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our diy fire pit

Happy Monday morning folks!

Also, I hear it’s Halloween.  I couldn’t figure out why my blogger cue was full of Halloween posts… and then I figured it out.  Clearly, you can tell that we’re really into Halloween.  If by “into” I mean going to class and wearing normal clothes.  Which I do.

In other news, we tested out one of our projects last night.

Out our back door we have a slab of concrete that makes a little patio.  The other day when we were at a friends house and she was working on converting a broken charcoal grill into a fire pit.  We had been talking about buying or asking for an above ground fire pit for Christmas.  But, even the cheap ones are kind of expensive.  When we saw what our friend was up to we snatched her idea like selfish trick-or-treaters (I will embrace Halloween similes).

A couple weeks later we found an old charcoal grill with a deep bowl for five bucks on a garage sale.  That is the total price of this project.  Excellent.
We wanted to make sure the bowl was off the concrete slab so Jared left some length on the legs of the bowl. 

He also wedged a large fieldstone underneath the bowl.  We wandered my parent’s field gathering field stones while so that our little fire pit could be pretty manly and rustic.

 Jared arranged all the stones around the bowl.

The completed fire “pit” has stones that go almost all the way up to the rim of the bowl… but I don’t have a picture of that.  Woops.

With approval from our landlords, we had our first fire last night.  Jared’s fire pit building skills are top notch!

We love a good fire.  

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