{House Tour}

Carpet Smeller

Are you glad it’s Friday?

I’m reaaaaaaaaaaally glad it’s Friday.  School was busy this week and we found ourselves on campus for many more hours than we normally do.  I’m sure you can relate to welcoming the weekend.
We kicked off our weekend with breakfast for supper, which is always a good idea.  When we got home from school I decided I wanted a baked snack, which turned into pumpkin cinnamon rolls, bacon, eggs, and hot coffee for supper (how do all of my brilliant plans snowball out of control?  at least the consequences are positive).  It’s how we rolls on the weekends (come visit us on a weekend sometime, eh?).
We have little a little fire pit on our back patio we’ll be testing out and hope to hit some new hiking trails too.  We’ll probably tinker on some projects too, because they’re restorative after all that paper writing and article reading and academic thinking.  Sheesh.
But first I conquered the carpet in our office.  The room itself doesn’t really smell musty when you walk in, but the carpet had a funky must smell.  If we left any textile on the floor it picked up the smell (highly inconvenient when our clothes drying rack was in there and something fell off and landed on the carpet for days and then smelled like must).  Bummer, dude.  
Now, the carpet has been cleaned with an overnight sprinkling of baking soda and essential oil, the borax carpet cleaning instructions from the back of the box, a vinegar spray, and more essential oil (thank you, sweet orange).  
I wanted to be diligent.  
And I want to leave things on the floor without them smelling funky.  
At this point, my nose was a completely inaccurate must-tester.  So I asked Jared to come smell the carpet. 

 Which he did with relish. 

 And a commitment to thoroughness.

I really love this man.
And apparently the carpet smells alright now.

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