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C’mon in…

My brain is a complex, weirdly connected place.

C’mon in.  Here’s some stuff I’ve been thinking about lately.

My sewing machine and I are already plotting Christmas gifts.  In fact, I may already have two done.
I will do almost anything to avoid effective homework time management.

Jared and I have have the coolest grandparents.  Ever.

There are four unions representing different areas of faculty at school that have been bargaining with administration since they haven’t had contracts in 400+ days.  They set a strike date for Nov. 3.  It’s made things at school really interesting… we’ll see how things shake out.  (Also, mom, before you freak out, we’re not going on strike, it does not affect our GA contracts, and we will still have classes.  Just maybe not with the same professors.  But it’ll probably be okay.  Don’t worry, okay?)

I love cilantro.  And limes.  And cheese from my friend’s creamery.

I have trouble letting things go and struggle with control issues and perfectionism.  But you already knew that.

I dislike average grades (read, B).  See above.

Jared gives me a convicting look when I complain about things.  I try to do better.  If I were a puppy I would put my tail between my legs and look ashamed.

I have been working on a mental countdown to Thanksgiving since about a month ago.  Deborah is coming to our house and we are going to eat copious amounts of food for four days.  I am so excited that I have put my energies into silly things like wondering how I am going to decorate our table for dinner and asking her if she is brining her own toothbrush (it is quite possible that I am getting so annoying that she will not come).

If you’re still reading you should be thinking about how patient Jared is.  The things that rumble around my brain and out my mouth…

Does anyone still wear toe socks?  Was that only a thing when I was twelve, or is that still around?  My toes feel uncomfortable thinking about them.

Jared and I designed a library for our home today.  Our someday home, when we’re 73 and too old to be in the mountains constantly and are recreation professors teaching the young kids about leisure and recreation and how to appreciate the outdoors every day.  Anyway, our library had a globe in it.  I thought you should know.  How different will a globe look when we’re 73?  I know not.

In our philosophy of leisure class we’ve been talking about materialism and consumerism and how that affects leisure.  It’s very interesting.  If you’d like to read more about, I recommend this fascinating article from Etsy.     

I’ve been thinking frequently about friendships recently and what makes a good friend a valuable.  

Every time I open it defaults to Grand Rapids, Michigan.  This means that I am often wearing clothes suited to the weather in Michigan because I constantly forget that it defaults there.  And then random boys at school make fun of me for wearing rain boots.  Meanies.

Y’all are the most supportive family and friends people could ask for, and we love you.

That’s all.

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