{House Tour}

I am about to go into the office/guest room.

While you saw pictures of our couch/living room, you haven’t seen pictures of our bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or the office room.

When we moved in, we used the office room as the “staging area”.  What that really means is that we used it as our dumping ground.  Our own personal landfill, without the bulldozer, though it does sort of look like a bulldozer has been through it.

Anyway, the time has come for it to be a functional room.  We’d like it to be an office where we can focus on papers and homework.  We’d like it to be a place where I can sew and hot glue and string beads and come up with crazy ideas.  We’d like it to be a place for us to see how many friends from camp can sleep in there at a time (friends from camp: y’all keep asking if we still want you to visit.  Naturally, the answer is a resounding yes!  Let’s talk dates sometime, mmmmkay?).  We’d like it to be a place that’s equally cozy as our living room, but perhaps a little more conducive for productivity (read: I will not feel like a terrible person if I do not put a project away immediately because it’s not done).

We have some cool stuff to put in this room (a dresser, a ridiculous chandelier, some chairs, a cool old steam trunk) and have plans to build a desk out of pallet wood soon (read: Jared has plans to build a desk soon.  I will be the cheerleader holding the pom poms on this project).

Before all that cool stuff can happen, we really need to be able to, you know, walk through the room and stuff.

So, I’m going in.  I just wanted to let you know so that if you don’t hear from me in a few days, you should probably assume I’ve been lost and you may want to call search and rescue.  Thanks.

Also, Jared is watching a video about time travel on the Discovery channel right now because he is a nerd.  I just wanted to rat him out.  Sounds like time travel might be impossible.  Bummer.

Oh wait, there is a guy talking about time travel like it’s already happened.  Wow.  Maybe send a search and rescue team anyway, mmmmkay?


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