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Sliced thin, please

As long as we’re on an embarrassing stint of pictures of me, I couldn’t resist grabbing a picture of my face from a few minutes ago.

Just keeping it real folks.

I just put french onion soup in the crockpot (yes!  supper will be done when we get home from class=myloveaffairdeepenswithmycrock).  This involved slicing lots of onions of course.  Onions make my eyes water. Onions make my nose run.  I end up standing in the kitchen with my face gushing liquid, trying to slice onions with a knife.  If I would stop to wipe away the gushing as soon as it starts it would take 30 minutes to chop one onion.  So I just keep going and hope for the best.  

Someday, this will backfire.

But it didn’t today.  

Also, on a related but random note, I’ve discovered recently that I like things to be sliced thinly.  It started with pizza toppings, but it’s now spread to everything savory.  If I can slice it thinly, I want it to be.  Including my onions.

Unless it’s a piece of cake.

Or brownie.

Or pie.

Then, I would like my slice to be as thick as socially acceptable to still sit at the table with everyone else.


Am I the only one whose face explodes at the mention of an onion?  


One thought on “Sliced thin, please

  1. oh my! Yes! I never had this problem until this spring after my Lasik surgery…contacts created a barrier between the onion fumes and my eyes…but now…oh my goodness…


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