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the post where I write things and show you pictures

In March, during the strange-o Massachusetts season, I started an Etsy shop.  It was not an impulsive decision–I’ve been making jewelry for myself since I was a kid.  Jared and I traveled in to NYC to visit my sister Deborah, and I stocked up on beads.  I armed myself with reading and reading and reading about how to start an Etsy shop.  I created a handful of designs.  I took pictures.  I created a logo.  I put together a shipping plan (I guarantee if you order from me, you’ll know when your order has arrived in your mailbox, it’s quite colorful:).

So I started.

I decided to name it marski designs, based on a nickname that I really liked a few years ago.

I had immediate success, thanks to some random strangers and family members.

And then… it stagnated.  We moved.  I put my shop on vacation while all the goods were in a storage locker for the summer.

And it stagnated more.  Every once and a while I would think about it.  But, we had so much going on with being on the road and thinking about moving and starting school it was easy for me to push it to the back of my mind.

So I did.

I sent it to the back of my mind to die as a good idea but not well executed.  Maybe if I just forget about it, I thought.

Then, a couple weekends ago (the same weekend we went golfing.  Please just take a moment to picture us golfing.  Know that I hit the air really hard with my club.  That air was toast.) we went to a networking conference held by the local park and recreation association.  After the conference, the speaker complimented me on my necklace.  Normally when people do that, I just say “thanks” and leave it at that.  But, I was at a networking conference and was feeling bold.  So I told her I made it.  I told her about Etsy and how it works.  She thought it was the coolest.  And I thought she was the coolest for thinking I was the coolest.  Somehow, by the end of the conversation I had informed her that I didn’t have any necklaces in the shop that resembled the one I was wearing (it was a faux pearl necklace).  So she bought the one I was wearing.  I sold my necklace off my body.

This gave me quite the thrill, I’m not going to lie.

This interaction was overseen by my new delightful friend (hi Beth!  good job running that race today!) that is on a committee that’s created a conference for recreation students.  She mentioned that they’re collecting swag for the conference and would love to get some jewelry or home goods.  

I started mulling on it, and decided that maybe it wasn’t time to let marski designs die.  Maybe it wasn’t time to let it slink to the back of my mind to decay forever.  

I dug out my tote of jewelry designs.  I started thinking about it again.  

I made a few changes (including lowering my prices–neato, right?) and started thinking of some even better changes (more merchandise, anyone?).

I ordered business cards.  I picked out some pieces to donate to the recreation conference.  I created some new pieces (they still need their close-up photos… but sadly the backdrop I used before got smashed/smushed/stained in all the moving.  I’m getting a new one tomorrow) to go in the shop.

And then one more piece sold!  Huzzah!  Off to Guam it goes.

All of this to say… expect to hear more about marksi designs in the future.  

But for now, please enjoy the outtakes from a photo shoot Jared and I did today.  I decided a little modeling would really improve each listing… and since I’m the only girl in this house, that meant I got to be the model and Jared was the photographer.  It was an entertaining experience.

Check out my Etsy shop, marski designs, if something strikes your fancy.  I’ll be putting more pieces up in the next month (my sister, Deborah bought me a bunch of beads from the garmet district in NYC!  Yes!  Now, to wait until Thanksgiving when they/she gets here:(.  Also, I created a facebook page–I’ll be posting special coupon codes and sneak peeks on the page, so “like” it, if y’all want in on that goodness.

And now, for the outtakes.

Please enjoy them as much as I do.  I’m not even going to attempt to explain what’s going on in all of them.

This is where I was pretending to be an officer from the Civil War.  Have you ever seen the photos where they stick their hand in their jacket?  No?  For real, they did.  It was a thing.
And I thought it was… cool?

It’s not what it looks like….
I was trying to explain to Jared that I wanted the shot to go from where my hands are to my chin.
But he thought this was funny instead.
Ahhh… the 80’s ponytail…. 
This jewelry business can be… so… puzzling…

Well folks, there are more.  But this post would be sooooooooo many pictures long.

(Side note for Deborah: this pics with curly hair were from a few mornings ago when we shot a couple necklaces.  These were not all today.  And I change quickly, thank you very much.)

But, now for my favorite.  I like to call this one, The Ultimate Creeper:

I bet you want to buy my jewelry now, don’t you?  Or send me to modeling school, perhaps?

4 thoughts on “the post where I write things and show you pictures

  1. The one where you're wearing a multi-strand of blue beads and staring off into the distance on your right looks like an Icebreaker ad. Except you're not wearing Icebreaker stuff. Very nice!


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