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The Husband

And now, a word about my husband.

I intend to blow his cover with this post.  Don’t worry, he knows.   Somehow, he’ll still maintain his cover.  In fact, he’ll probably maintain his cover so well that you won’t even believe me.  You’ll just be like, wow, that Mary girl is c-razy.

If you’ve met Jared in person, you’ve likely noticed that he seems to be sort of a quiet, subdued fella.

This is true.

He does not have a lot to say.  He is pretty serious.  Stoic, at times, even.

Unless, you know Jared well.  

You see, he has this great cover that he is a quiet guy without much to say. 

But, if you’re part of his immediate family or you’ve seen him at camp you know that stoic is not always his profile.  If you get him really comfortable, he gets, well, he gets a little silly.

You don’t believe me, do you?

Fine.  I can understand why you would doubt.  You have had monosyllabic conversations with Jared.  You have been impressed by his comfort with silence.  But he’s goofy.  I promise.  

I’ll prove it to you.

Last Sunday we met a friend of ours at the park.  Before she got there I saw this amazing light streaming through some trees.  All I did was told Jared to go stand in it.  Really, that’s it.  

This is what happened.

I still haven’t said anything.  He’s just rolling on his own steam.
You believe me now, right? Okay, good.  I’m glad we’ve had this chat.



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