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While we were at my ‘rents last week, we went apple picking with my mom.

Jared kept it entertaining, per usual.
He wasn’t supposed to be blinking in that picture.  But he is.  *Queen of obvious statements, takes a bow*
Also, I am a lover of irony.
Mom’s the master apple picker.  Obviously.

A couple nights ago, Jared and I cored and peeled all the apples we won’t eat in the next week.  We put them in the freezer, like squirrels saving acorns for the winter.  I may have made chipmunk faces the whole time. We’ve stock piled our acorn hole with all sorts of tasty eats, including rhubarb that I shamelessly stole from my ‘rents garden, and blueberries my mom picked earlier in the summer.Cheep cheep.  ——>Chipmunk runs off to class


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