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a very happy man

Have you seen a child open a gift?  They get wildly excited during the unwrapping process and their eyes get huge as they behold whatever is beyond the wrapper.
And then… a lot of times those eyes get confused and puzzled as they probably don’t comprehend whatever was underneath the wrapping.
Let’s just be honest, that’s what happens.  The anticipation gets them more than the gift itself.
Unless, of course, you’re an adult.
Unless of you’re an adult and you happen to be my father.
I give you, the picture story of my dad opening a new “tree climber” tree stand.  I skipped right past the unwrapping part to the good stuff.
The gift giver, watching with awe.  And interest.  I mean, they were talking about physics and mechanics and engineering.  And stuff.  So they were all happy.
That’s what my dad’s face looks like when it’s excited.  Those are what Jared’s feet look like when he’s lounging.


Grandpa and I offered to bring him a cold drink at this point.  He declined (evidently cold drinks don’t simulate the spirit of the hunt). 
And then we waved goodbye to my G-pa as he drove away.  And watched the tractor, naturally.
And that’s how we roll when we’re at my parents house.

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