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Why the Ugly Muffin

A friend recently asked me why our blog is called the Ugly Muffin Library.  Self, I said to myself, this is a good question.  I should explain this.  I did in the very first post, but that was a long time ago.  That was several states ago, of course.

This is how I explained it way back when…

As to the title of this blog…
I find baking a very therapeutic experience, and I appreciate quality food that comes in small, hand-size packages.  I love muffins.  But more often than not mine come out lumpy and some deformed.  About a year ago one of my roommates told me I should open a bakery and call it the Ugly Muffin Bakery.  I am not opening a bakery, but it is going to work for a blog url.  Maybe someday we’ll get to that bakery…

And yup, all that is still true.  I love food.  I love food that I can nibble.  I love food that fits in my hand.  I love snacking.  I love muffins.  And it’s true that I made some incredibly ugly muffins.  Delicious, but whoa, they were ugly.  Really uncomely.  It became a joke in our apartment that I could start a bakery with ugly muffins.  While I am not about to start a bakery anytime soon, I loved the theme.  So, when we started our blog we rolled with the Ugly Muffin theme, and since our blog is full of stories, we went with library instead of bakery.

So logical, I know.

Now you know all our secrets.


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