This is my mobile office.  At this moment.  I hope to only use it for another hour.

We have a paper outline due via email tonight.  And, since we do actually want to do other things today (thrifting with the G-pa, anyone?) we’re going to try to knock these bad boys out of the park in the next couple hours (much like the Rangers did last night.  ha.  I hate baseball and I do not care who wins or loses.  Take that, folks.  You can dislike me for hating baseball if you want to, but that won’t make me like it more…)
My paper is about stress management.  I find this ironic because I will very likely need to implement the techniques and routines I learn about by the time I am done writing this paper.
I don’t suppose my professor would go for a line about how his paper caused me stress so I stopped working on it, in order to minimize stress….

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