fooooooooootball and the weeeeeeeeeekend

I was going to blog on Thursday.  I really wanted to blog on Thursday.  I’ve gotten into a Sunday afternoon blogging rut and I was really hoping to break it.
Thursday around noon I was prepared to take a test and then call it a weekend.  A homebody weekend.  A crafty weekend.

But, that didn’t happen.

Instead, Thursday around noon, I made not one friend, but two friends.  

That’s right, we’re making friends.

Friday, Jared and I went to a recreation networking conference in the morning.  We stayed for a little bonus golf afternoon–haha!  I laugh, because neither of us had golfed before.  We golfed in different groups, and my group was hilarious in that they let me hit the ball whenever and always laughed.  So really, we probably should have been kicked off the course because we didn’t play every hole and sometimes, well, okay, once, I lost the ball.  Woops.  But I found a replacement ball in the woods, so it all balances out, right?

Friday night we were going to go to free salsa lessons, but it turned out to be a formal salsa dance celebration, for all those that already knew how to salsa.  {Insert graceful leaving here}

Saturday morning, we went to the farmers market.  There is a pretty decent market in Carbondale considering the population.  Our friend’s (haha!  we have friends!  okay, I’ll stop being weird about it) family sells cheese.  A fresh bunch of basil, sweet potatoes, cheese, and fresh flowers later we lazed all afternoon.

Saturday night was SIU’s first home football game.  I’d never been to a college game before, and it was really fun.  Free bbq beef brisket before the game was really fun too… yum.

Hey, refs, how’s it going?

We don’t own any SIU apparel.  Or anything maroon.  Oh well. 

We won!  Just barely (messy second half) but we did win.  

 Me, Beth, Kathrin, Mike and Mike’s nachos.
Now, we’re home.  Ahhhh… home.  Hi, my name is Mary and I’m a homebody.   
And I am not ashamed.

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