It’s Tuesday.  Tuesday’s are long for us.

Jared has a class at 8am.
I help Marjorie at 10:45am.
I help Marjorie again at noon.
Sometimes I work after Marjorie gets back from lunch, until…
I have class from 3:35-4:50.
We have class together from 5-7:30.

In an effort to conserve gas, we only make two trips to school.  Jared goes in for his 8am class then come back for a cup of coffee.  Then, we go back and we stay on campus until class lets out at night.

Part of the reason it likely feels long is that it’s always a little unpredictable and there is a lot of down time in between that I would rather be sitting on the couch (or The Ugly Chair.  I finished her yesterday but I haven’t taken pics of her yet).  Anyway, we decided driving back and forth from our house eightgabizillion times seems foolish too.

Thus, I am often tempted to get a little… crabby on Tuesdays.

So, because it’s Tuesday, I took the opportunity to remind myself…

“today I will have a tall glass of life {to the} FULL with a strong zest of joy”

Here’s to another Tuesday, full of meetings, hauling media carts around, learning (hopefully) in class, drafting papers, grooming surveys, finishing homework, and eating my mom’s tomato soup.

With a strong zest of joy.



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