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Catching Up

In the past two weeks I haven’t blogged very much.

This has come back to bight me in the toooooshy because I’ve gotten lots of texts/emails/phone calls saying , “How are you?  What’s going on in your life?”  It’s not that I don’t want to text/email/talk to you on the phone.  It’s just that I like it when I can give you the broad strokes on here so that I can give you the details/daily life stuff when we text/email/talk on the phone.

So, today, in no particular organized vein of thought, here’s what’s been happening the last couple weeks.

  • We started school.  This was our third week of school (take that!  all you people that just started… slackers).  We’re starting to work past the honeymoon stage of the first couple weeks to the make-sure-you-hand-in-that-assignment stage.  Translate: school is REALLY starting.
  • I’m mildly overwhelmed by school.  But, I suspect I’m just selling myself a little short here.  As long as I exercise wise time-management I should be fine.  Right?  I’ll be okay, right?
  • Mom?  Are you there?  Hold me?
  • For my graduate assistantship I’ve been assigned to one of the Therapeutic Recreation (henceforth referred to as “TR”) professors named Marjorie.  She’s a funny little lady whom I enjoy.  I’m supposed to work ten hours a week, but the hours flex from week to week, sometimes fewer sometimes more (I have yet to experience a “more” week.  So far I’ve experienced “fewer”).  My responsibilities this semester include: 1) Being her technology super-hero.  She’s in her mid sixties.  I’m thinking about creating myself a badge.  2) Helping her set up for her classes.  Helping her organize her office (which is gigantic.  It’s bigger than our bedroom.  Which gives you zero perspective, but just know that’s it’s big and there is a lot of space for her to get messy).  3) I’m helping tweak, distribute, collect, and tabulate an environmental health survey given to undergraduate and graduate students.
  • Jared’s working for the Outdoor Recreation professor, named Whitney.  So far, Jared’s reorganized the school gear and created spreadsheets (okay… clearly I don’t really know what Jared’s been doing, except playing in the gear room).  Also, he’s supposed to be getting survey’s from people at Wilderness areas.
  • School is gonna-be-okay.  I chant this to myself on a regular basis.  I’m not sure how much I’m actually enjoying it yet, but I’m working on it.
  • Studying TR is interesting.  It’s challenging to study something I didn’t study during my undergrad but it’s gonna-be-okay.
  • I hope.
  • The building we take classes in is the Health Education and Recreation (called “HER” by school.  Ridiculous acronym).  We each have a cubicle on the first floor.   The rest of the Rec. department (i.e. real professors) and our classrooms are on the third floor.
  • I’ve started making my own laundry detergent and I think it’s the greatest thing ever.   It’s mucho mucho mucho mucho cheaper.  I can make it smell good.  I know exactly what’s in it (which has been a kick I’m on right now).  Everyone wins!
  • About half an hour ago I finished the last curtain for the house.  Huzzah!
  • I’m still obsessed with sewing.  Can’t.  Stop.
  • I made my own body lotion, body scrub, face wash, and chapstick last week.  It’s so excellent.
  • I can’t stop making things.
  • I’ve been swimming a couple times in the school pool.  The rec center is pretty nice, and I’m glad to have a pool to swim in.
  • I made my first meat loaf the other day.  It was delightful.  Yes, that is bacon on top, smeared with a barbequey sauce.  I love BBQ.  If sewing and BBQ could combine somehow, that’d be the best.
  • The last idea was a bad one.  Nevermind.
  • Jared and I haven’t decided where our church home will be yet.  We’ve only been to two churches out here… we’re eager to get plugged into a community and start making some friends.
  • We’re visiting the West Michigan fam in October during our gigantic fall break.  It shall be delightful.
  • Deborah is coming to our wee abode in Southern Illinois for Thanksgiving.  I am wildly excited and already planning the menu for the weekend.
  • Hi, my name is Mary and my brain never shuts off.  “Hi Mary.”
  • Homemade chapstick is the best.  Except that I didn’t have any tubes or tins to put it in, so it’s in a gigantic plastic container that is not pocket friendly.  Bummer.
  • We went to St. Louis last weekend for an REI parking lot sale.  I love cheap gear that’s been gently used.  Best thing.  Ever.
  • Jared and I have discovered the best chinese take-out restaurant in Carbondale.  Reasonable price+huge servings+good food=yes, please.
  • We really like to make our own pizza.
  • We really like to make our own food/eating our own food/having our own kitchen.
  • I’m probably working on too many projects right now: a book page wreath, crocheting a humongous rag rug, working on the ugly chair, and a small door.  And some sewing projects.  And I think we’re going to look at some more projects furniture from Craigslist.
  • I know what you’re thinking.  In answer to that question, Jared is a wonderful man.
  • I love fruit.  And vegetables.  And coffee.
  • We don’t have any classes/have to work on Wednesdays or Fridays this semester.  Three day weekend, every weekend?  We’ll take it!
  • It’s time to go visit the projects now.
You have my official permission to call me now that you are filled in on the last two weeks.  But make sure you text me first, because we don’t get good enough service to talk on the phone in our house so I need a little warning so that I can get outside so I won’t drop your call.  And yes, this is really going to bomb in winter.  But it’s supposed to be warmer here in the winter (with SUNSHINE) so it’ll have to work.
Okay, mmmmm…

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