Orientation and All That School Stuff

For the last two days, Jared and I have been at school.  Tuesday morning we met both of our Graduate Teaching Assistant (henceforth, I shall call us GTA’s) supervisors and the other GTA’s (see?  I told you I would) in our department.

The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday was spent with the rest of SIUC’s GTA’s.  Basically, we learned about the sexual harassment policy, academic honesty, and how to teach.  And how to teach some more.  And how to teach.  And how to teach.  Good times.
This was both ironic and irritating to me at times because this semester and perhaps this whole year, none of our department GTA’s will be teaching.  We actually don’t have a very good picture on what we will be doing, but so far we know:
–we’re really not supposed to work more than ten hours a week (though some weeks will be busier than others, but they should balance each other out)
–we’ll be grading
–we’re supposed to keep the fridge clean in the GTA office
–we have a GTA office
–we have keys to our building
–we have mailboxes
–we’ll be helping grade
–we’ll be helping… help.
–we won’t be teaching.  unless our prof gets sick.  mine never gets sick.
–Tuesday I’m going to help my prof/boss carry papers/bring the A/V cart to the classroom.  Go, me!
You can ask questions about our responsibilities, but I probably don’t know the answer.  Sorry, Mom and Ruth.
Also, personally, I’ve experienced my first taste of university culture shock.
Culture shock equation:
SIUC is bigger than three hundred students + Most people don’t love Jesus = Not Kuyper College.
I’m sure that I’ll get over it soon, it’s still just a little strange.  It’s also odd to go to school with your spouse.  Not bad, just different.  I’m sure we’ll get used to that too.
We each have three classes–two of them are together.  Class starts Monday night, with a kind fellow that calls himself Santa.  He looks like Santa, he used to be Santa in the mall, and he’s buying us pizza.  So far, so good!
Except for the humidity.  But I don’t supposed Santa can do anything about that.

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