{House Tour}

the groomed edges

In case you missed it, Jared and I have moved!

It’s kind of a big deal for us… this whole, settling into a place of our own thing.  We even signed a lease.  That’s right.  For a WHOLE YEAR.  Again, this is kind of a big deal.

Right after we got married, we started working at Paradise Ranch, living in a cabin.  It wasn’t actually this one, but hey, it’s what I had a picture of.  We were there the whole summer.

Then, we moved to Grand Rapids for a semester in a gigantic church parsonage.

We lived there until the beginning of January, when we moved to Massachusetts.
Then, after waiting and applying and exhausting our knee caps in prayer, we were obedient to be nomads for the summer, knowing that we would move to S. IL in the fall.
We stayed with my parents.  We worked at camp for a couple weeks.  We stayed with Jared’s grandparents for some weekends.  We stayed with Jared’s parents.  We stayed in the mountains.




All of our married life, we’ve been on the road.
Until now.  Now, we’ve signed a lease.  We’re in one spot.  We’re making our own home.
It’s still in slight chaos, and the whole thing is not ready for pictures.  But I’ll show you some groomed edges of this little place that we’re calling, “Home”.
brownie points to whomever can figure out what this is a recipe for.  mcd’s disqualified because they already know… sorry, Laura:)!
We’ve made, found, thrifted, or been given a lot of our stuff.  Incredible blessings, let us tell you!  I’m excited to show you all of our space, and tell you the stories behind all the cool stuff!  But for now, I’m off to sew some curtains for the sweet curtain rods Jared made and hung yesterday…

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