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Puttin’ stuff together…

Greetings, from my couch in Illinois!

That’s right, we’ve officially moved!

And yes, I said my COUCH.  Do you remember when we decided to get rid of the old clunker (rest his soul)?  Well, we’ve been brainstorming since January about what we would build to replace him and today all of that thought power was brought to fruition.

I’m not sure if I’m partial to this couch because we built it with much sweat and love, or if it really is that awesome.  I’m going to go with awesome.  Please, don’t burst my bubble.

But, tragically for you, I’m mean and our house is messy/unpacked/packed/chaotic/not arranged so I won’t be showing you pictures of the completed couch.

I will show you this:

Hey!  It’s Jared!  He’s assembling the frame.  We were going to make a pallet couch because we thought we could find pallets for free, but my dad gave us some wood for the frame that was collecting dust in his barn.  So, Jared designed the base like deck.  Read: this couch is BOMBPROOF.  We could have elephants over for company and it wouldn’t even squeak.

He cut this wood while we stayed at my parents house.

I convinced him that we should carry it through the door before the back was attached.  I was doubting my muscle strength while I eyed it in all it’s stout wonder.

For the back, we used an old door also from my parent’s barn (thanks, Dad!).  Jared trimmed the other sides with old wood donated from his parents (thanks, other Dad!).  I tell you what, our parents have given us so much cool stuff, we’re probably gonna turn out alright afterall.

That’s Jared’s half of the couch… my half included sewing and cushions!  And you’ll just have to see those another day, because I need a shower and it’s almost my bed time….

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