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Random Abundance, and Abundance of Random

Today, Jared and I are gathering our belongings to head towards Southern Illinois.  

We aren’t exactly packing because the truck is still at the shop after last weekends adventure.  It’s more a process of herding our belongings to the garage so that when the truck is finished we can load.

Hopefully, we’ll be on the road in the morning…

In the meantime, let’s enjoy a bit of reminiscing about the last month at the McDaniel Homestead, shall we?

We shall.

We visited Grandpa and Grandma Goose for a weekend.   This is on the lake (which, interestingly enough is a water-filled valley.   Man-made lakes fascinate me).
This is Grandma Goose.  She’s delightful.  Oh, and no, their last name is not Goose.  It’s a nickname.

Mary Pearl Ellen got baptized!  That’s Pastor Glen, Mary, and Neil (aka, Pops or Padre).

We visited Grandpa and Grandma Siffring for a weekend, and they took us to see some cool local historical sites.  This little church was home to a Catholic and Protestant congregation. There are alters on each end and the backs of the pews flip so that they can face their own direction.  The Catholic congregation had to get special permission from the Pope for it to be their place of worship.
They took us out for supper to a restaurant that had tons and tons of mounted animals in it.  Jared and a polar bear.

A photographer from church took our family pictures.  And I took pictures of everyone in between for kicks.  

We went to the Wray Musuem.  We learned about the history of Yuma County, some of the unique fossil finds, saw many old pictures of the town, played in a general store, and made ferocious faces in the animal room.

Papa and Grandma Goose gave me a sewing machine, so Laura and I sewed some awesomeness.

And no, I don’t know why I’m holding mine like a baby.  

It’s been a wonderful month, one that we’ll be sad to see end.  But, there are new adventures ahead and a little duplex with our name on it!


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