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About Paul

About two years ago, Paul bought an old car.
It was a rusted piece of junk (he wouldn’t call it that, but I’m clearly going to), which he proceeded to pull all of the parts out of.   It was… messy.  And I only saw pictures for most of it.
But, on Saturday, the rusted piece of junk came home from the body shop looking like a bright, new, cheery… flower?  bumble bee?  I don’t know.  But it’s bright and cheery (though I’m sure that’s not why he chose yellow).

It’s very shiny.

It’s shiny on the outside.  The inside… is… less shiny.

But, have no fear, the boys are all over it.

You can’t hear it, but suffice it to say that it sounds as loud as it is shiny.

Jared and I spent a couple days at Grandpa and Grandma Siffring’s (Neil’s parents).  They came back with us for the day to spend time with the fam and to admire the shininess of Paul’s car.

Paul likes shiny things.

Jared and I leave in the morning for a couple days backpacking in the mountain–huzzah!  Have a bright, shiny, cheerful day!

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