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The Many Faces of James

In the past, Jared and I have had to make quick ditch visits to his parents.   They’ve lasted about a week, and we scurry from one dinner at friends house to another.  They’ve been good visits, but they have a rushed pace.

This visit is much longer and carries a completely different pace.  It’s been great fun blending into the everyday (summer) life of the McDaniel clan.

A couple nights ago, Laura, James and myself made pita pizza’s for supper.

James, like Jared, can’t have a camera pointed at him without making a face.

I call this one, “Distressed James”.

Winky James.

Outrageous James.

Mary and I were being SUPER helpful to the supper making process.   Don’t we look helpful?

Yesterday when I pulled my camera out, James’ face curled up again.

Case in point.

And last night, when were taking pictures of this delightfully EXTREME sign we painted, we couldn’t get through them without an inquisitive scowl.

It’s been incredibly fun to be around for more of the “normal”.

And, to see the many faces of James.


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