Big Sky Country

Jared grew up in Colorado and Nebraska.
You probably knew that.  But, stating the obvious is one of my primary jobs in life.
And, while you may have known that Jared is from Colorado, and while I may have told you that Jared is from eastern Colorado, it’s hard to picture eastern Colorado unless you’ve been there.
You see, eastern Colorado is very different than the stereotypical picture of Colorado.  
Very different, indeed.
The rest of his immediate family still lives in eastern Colorado and we’re visiting his parents in the small town of Wray.
Wray is nested in the bowl of the local bluffs.  Originally, it was the halfway point for an outlaw cowboy named John Wray who stole cattle from Texas and Oklahoma and ran them north so that he could sell them. He would let the cattle rest here because it’s nestled down and is hard to see from far away; there’s also a small river than runs through it. Eventually, his stopout became a town and was named after him.
Fascinating, eh?
After Jared and I looked down at the town (while enjoying Slurpees from the Local 7Eleven) we drove south and west of town for a while.  I love driving outside of town because it’s so different than the area I grew up in.  It’s not what people normally think of when they think of Colorado.  I think it’s amazing.
It’s Big Sky Country.  


I mooed at these cows and they just stared at me.  It was very rude.
Jared lived just to the left of those trees when he was about eight years old.  Apparently those trees were a great playground.
Which reminds me… I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about Sheriff Jared.  Someday, I’ll write the epic adventures of his childhood.  They’re quite enthralling.
This herd of cows was much nicer.  Even if they thought I was crazy.

More adventures to come–we get to be here for all of July!!!

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