Frolicking with Llamas

Sandwiched between two weeks of camp, I had the opportunity to frolic at a llama farm.

Yes, frolic.  Yes, llamas.
Carly, Jillian, and Jodi and I went to a llama farm in Ludington.  We walked the llamas.  We petted the llamas.  We let the llamas eat.  We scratched the llama’s necks.  We ran with the llamas. 
Have you ever run with a llama?  
Wow.  All I can say is, wow.  
Have you ever a heard a llama moan when you scratch it’s neck?  
Again, wow.  
(If you were wondering, the moan sounds quite a bit like a cow mooing if they mooed with their mouth closed.  Go ahead, try mooing with your mouth closed.  No one is listening and you know you want to. 

 Good.  Now you know what a happy llama sounds like.  At least, I hope he was happy).

This is my llama, CatPaw.
 I took some video, so you might get just a glimpse of what we experienced.  

{Forgive the raspy voice, I was ill at the time}
I hope you’ve enjoyed your vicarious llama experience.

Until next time,

Mary the Llama Whisperer


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