The Last Two Weeks

Currently, I’m sitting in a Panera in Southern Illinois.
Were you wondering if people have twang is Southern Illinois?
I was wondering.  My question has been answered.  The answer, is yes.  Twang, with plenty of “honey” and “sweetheart” thrown in too.
But today I’m not writing about today.  Today, I’m writing about the last two weeks.
We’ve spent the last two weeks at Grace Adventures, working with the high school leadership camps for juniors and seniors.
[And, as a side note, Jared just poked me an informed me that one of the Panera employees looks like Wesley, from Princes Bride.
I can see it.  He has the mustache.]
Anyway, the students examined this question:
It was a grand two weeks to be part of the growth of campers, hear their stories, and hopefully make a positive impact on their lives.

We lived here, on “the island”.  Specifically, Jared and I stayed in the white canvas tent.  On the right, is the pavilion where we ate.  Behind the pavilion (where all the students are standing) is the cooking area.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work at camp for a couple weeks during this summer of nomadic travel.  Grace Adventures is a quality place.  I’m rather fond of it.

But by far, I think our favorite part was working with this crew.  That’s Courtney, on the far left, Erin, behind her, and Rick and Rick.  Courtney, Erin, and Rick (with the beard) worked at the Ranch last summer and are people we count as good friends.  It was a stinkin’ blast to work with them.
The Saturday in between camps, we went to Courtney’s house, where Master Chef Kurt (her father) grilled us a gigantic 14 pound roast.
Check out a plateful.
I will not apologize for making you hungry.

Matt.  He’s impossible to take a nice picture of.  I’ve tried.  It’s beyond hope.

We got to see some friends that aren’t working at camp this summer.

Jared and Rick, as they prefer to be: lounging next to a fire place with a plate of meat in front of them.

That’s what we did these last two weeks.

Saturday, we loaded up all of our possessions from every cranny of my parents house and loaded them into a UHAUL.
Sunday we drove down to the depths Illinois.
The next couple days we are touring apartments, hoping to find a place to live for the next couple years.

I like to critique the pictures on the sides of UHAULS.  I don’t detest this particular painting, but it’s not my favorite, either.  I think I’d choose the Puffins from the trailer that moved us to Massachusetts.  But, that’s just me.  And I’m weird.


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