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Summer 2011, Michigan: I’ve lost count of my chapter numbers.

In the last couple weeks, we’ve done all sorts of cool things.  We’ve hung out with lots of people, we’ve played with the chickens, we’ve helped my dad re-shingle the pole barn, we’ve gone kayaking with my aunt and uncle, and we’ve worked on many “projects”, and we almost got smushed by a thunderstorm in the tent.
It was exciting.  And scary.
I asked Jared if we were getting sucked up by a tornado.
I think he wanted to laugh at me.  But he had the presence of mind not to.
I wimped out slept in the house for the rest of the night.
Here are some pictures of our adventures in Michigan…
This is one of my mother’s wee chickens.  I’ve named her Dilbert.   Helloooooooo, Dilbert. 
This is my Grandpadre.  And his tool belt suspenders.  He helped my mom build a raised garden bed at the church she works at with the wee munchkins.  His suspenders keep his pants from falling down/his tool belt from falling off.  Jared was jealous.  Seriously.
This is the trunk of my Granpadre’s car.  It’s spectacular.  It shows a whole other side of the Buick. 
One half is shingled!  Huzzah!
Muskegon River.
Uncle Bill, Aunt Lyn, and Jared, on the river.
Oh, hey. 
Uncle Bill didn’t realize I was papparazzing him until it was too late.  Poor fella.
Aunt Lyn is a cheery kayaker.  She’s a quality lady, that Aunt Lyn.  I hope everyone has an Aunt Lyn in their life.  And an Uncle Bill.  And a Granpadre.  They are essential.  Essential, I tell you.
Meanwhile, Jared just pretends to ignore me.  Or, maybe he’s really ignoring me.  Jared?  Can you hear me?  Hello?  Sweetie?  Pumpkin?  Sugar pie?  (baaaaaaaaaaaaaaah… I crack myself up)
Oh, and then we finished off the river evening with a jaunt on the pontoon boat on the lake.  And, they look epic.  
Finally,  a mini project preview.  I painted this shutter.  More project pictures coming in about two months.  I will say this: the couch we’re building is going to be epic.
Tonight, my immediate family (plus the Granpadre) will be together for the last time until Thanksgiving.
Tomorrow, Jared and I go up to Grace Adventures for two weeks to help kick off the summer program.  We’re excited; it’s another one of our homes.  We’ll see you on the other side (with more pictures and hopefully faster internet so posts won’t be as infrequent)!
Peace out, homeslices.

2 thoughts on “Summer 2011, Michigan: I’ve lost count of my chapter numbers.

  1. ohhhh, Michigan this time of year is so lovely! And you know one of the things I miss most is the long evening and dusk! We don't get either. The sun sets almost immediately at about 6 pm…all year long…sigh. Enjoy your time at Grace!!! And say hi to Melissa Jenkins for us if you run into her!


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